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Life insurance is a plan that is purchased to protect an individual’s family in the event of their death. The owner pays the premium on the insured (may or may not be the same person), and the beneficiary is selected. Coverage may vary by type, length, and coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is dependent on the type of policy you own. You can always reduce your coverage and premiums but this can affect cash values (if applicable). In cases where you want additional insurance, you may need to purchase a separate policy. Additionally, you sometimes have the option to convert your term insurance into a permanent plan.

You would be best served to meet with a financial advisor who can help walk you through the process of determining how much insurance you may need. There are many considerations that need to be made such as debts, dependents, tax situation, legacy planning, and estate planning requirements based on your specific wishes.

Typically, individuals purchase more life insurance when a major life event occurs. Examples of these would be: purchasing a home, getting married, or having a child. Additionally, there may be business needs such as partnership and key-person insurance. It is very important to review your coverage to ensure it meets your current needs.

When purchasing an insurance policy, you will have an option for a waiver of premium. Here’s how it works: in the event of a disability, you will no longer have to pay the insurance premiums, meanwhile, your policy will continue to be funded (including dividends/ cash values if applicable).

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